Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cables

In ISOMIL-T the thermoelectric voltages of the thermocouples are in accordance with the basic standard values within the usual tolerance range. For NiCr-Ni the basic values of the thermoelectric voltage are identical in the German and international standards. For both Fe-CuNi (Thermoiron-Thermoconstantan) and Cu-CuNi (Thermocopper-Thermoconstantan) they differ.

The limit deviation of the thermocouple voltage is available according the following norm:

• DIN IEC 584-2
• ASTM E 230-93 / ANSI.MC.96.1
• DIN 43710 – Norm has been widthdrawn

Other norms, e.g. GOST on request.

Type denotation ISOMIL-T

Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cables

Example: The type Denotation 2K2A30 designates a cable coil with 2 cores, inner conductors made of NiCrNi, insulation made of MgO (≥ 97%), the sheath material 1.4541 and an outer diameter of 3 mm.

Number of conductors Inner conductor Insulation Sheath material Outer diameter (1/10 mm)
2 2-cores K NiCrNi A 1.4541/SS 321
4 4-cores E NiCr-CuNi 2 MgO (≥ 97%) F 1.4571/SS 316TI
6 6-cores J Fe-CuNi 3 MgO (99,4%) L 2.4816/Alloy 600
8 8-cores T Cu-CuNi C 2.4851/Alloy 601
S PtRh10%-Rh Z 2.4858/Alloy 825
R PtRh13%-Rh P 2.4951/Nimonic 75
N Nicrosil-Nisil Q 1.4845/SS 310S
L FE-CuNi R 1.4301/SS 304
S 1.4404/SS 316L
X 1.4876/Alloy 800
NC IncoAlloy TD
RL 1.4307 / AISI304L

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